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Ultimate Dumpling Maker

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Impress Your Friends & Family With Perfectly Shaped Dumplings Every time

You know that making lots of dumplings, momos, and gujiyas starts getting tiring and ends up with many misshaped. But if you use Ultimate Dumpling Maker, perfect dumpling-making will be easier and quicker than ever right in your kitchen. Roll & Fold in one place. Level up the dumpling-making now.

🥟 Super Fast & Easy Process: No skills are required, just press down to improve efficiency. If you are a beginner, it will drastically reduce your workload and even reduce your preparation time by at least half. Make restaurant-worthy dumplings and momos in your kitchen!

🥟 Say Goodbye To Rolling: Put the dough on the dumpling machine, pull down the handle and press the dumpling skin. Put the dough on the surface, add your favourite fillings on the dough, then close the mould and press to seal a perfect packet.

🥟 Durable & Safe To Use: The Ultimate Dumpling Maker is made of PP material, safe and durable. Different from traditional dumpling makers, the handle has a non-slip design, and the handle and bottom maintain a perfect distance to perfectly prevent your fingers from being pinched.

There is nothing like homemade dumplings, momos, and gujiyas and it makes the process that much easier and time-saving.

Customer Reviews

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Nirupam Anand

It’s gujiya maker & not dim sum maker


It is nice, thank you.


I sent it to my granddaughter and she is happy, because she says that it is very easy to make the empanadas.


Very good product and easy to use


I used this for making dumplings and mini meat pies. It work well and was easy to clean.