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Rechargeable Candle Lighter

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  • Safe to use lighter: These lighters have a safety lock that protects the on/off button which makes it double secure for children and adults too. Cook it Well Candle Lighter comes with a long neck (about 3.7 inches), so you can ignite the fire from a distance
  • Use Anytime and Anywhere due to portability: This arc lighter provides flexibility to users under any circumstances and on different occasions like for candles at outdoor parties, for a barbecue grill, for cigarettes or just for the daily basis kitchen stove. So surely it is a multipurpose lighter
  • Weather Proof and Hassle Free: Being windproof and lighter, it allows you to effectively light up your environment in any weather conditions. Also, no last-minute surprises to getting out of gas and no hassle to refill the gas as its rechargeable lighter also shows remaining battery life
  • USB Lighter with easy charging: Not like other ordinary Bic lighters, USB rechargeable candle lighter enables you to charge with ease. USB candle lighter has a Real-time battery capacity display that lets you know the exact amount of battery at any given moment with 5 Led lights indicating a full battery
  • Energy-saving, Soundless and Flameless: It is not only a flameless lighter but also odourless as no gas or fluid is required. Unlike other low-quality electric lighters with high noise, its is soundless coming in a very elegant gift box also suitable for gifts to kitchen lovers

Using a normal lighter:

- You have to keep a constant eye on the young ones to keep them safe
- You can't rely on that lighter in bad weather conditions
- It is difficult to recharge it. But with this USB rechargeable lighter, these worries are no more!

Because it has:

- A long lighters neck (about 3.7 inches) that protects you from the flame and classified it as a flameless lighter
- A lock on the on/off button to protect your child
- A rechargeable lighter you can use as many times as you want with simple USB recharging
- A electric candle lighter gives you a real-time display of the battery

Sure it is a multi-purpose lighter, it can be:

- Candle Lighter
- Grill Lighter
- Kitchen Lighter
- Stove Lighter
- Barbeque Lighter
- Stick Lighter
- Utility Lighter
- Campfire Lighter

What it includes:

1 * Rechargeable lighter
1 * USB charger cable

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