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Max Electricity Saver

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Save Upto 40% On Your High Electricity Bills

Are you tired of paying high electricity bills every month? Then you need a Max Electricity Saver. Max Electricity Saver is a small and easy-to-use plug-in device that helps you reduce your energy consumption by up to 40%. It works by balancing the current flow and preventing power surges and fluctuations. It also protects your appliances from damage and extends their lifespan.

How Does It Work?

Max Electricity Saver can compensate the Power and high-frequency wave effectively. And improve the power parameter of the whole circuit. Power Saver Equalizes Current, Avoid the electronic waste caused by excessive thermal with its voltage so appliances life will rise after plug-in Power saver. Our Electricity Saver doesn't consume power itself and will not increase additional costs even if it is used day and night. Protruding ware devices can protect the equipment the prevent current protruding wave.

Benefits of Using Maxx Electric Saver:

  • Power Optimisation: Global Power saver optimizes the power consumption of electrical devices, reducing energy wastage and promoting efficient energy utilization.
  • Voltage Stabilisation: The device stabilizes and balances the voltage supply to appliances and electronics, protecting them from voltage fluctuations and power surges.
  • Surge Protection: The Saving Device includes surge protection capabilities, safeguarding devices against sudden voltage spikes and electrical disturbances.
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy Saving Device helps users save on electricity bills by reducing energy usage and costs by optimizing power consumption.
  • Easy Installation: The device is easy to install and requires no technical expertise. Plug it into a standard power outlet, and it starts working immediately.


Package Contains: 1 Power Saver

Material: Plastic 

Colour: Colour as per availability

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 18 x 8 x 7 Centimeters

Weight: 200gm

Customer Reviews

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Akhilesh Singh

Max Electricity Saver

Jagdish Narayan Shukla

It's very good product for electric savings

Pornima Ganesh Phatak

Max Electricity Saver


So so quite OK

Akbar Bagwan

Max Electricity Saver