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Foldable Shoe Stand

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Don't You Want Your Shoes To Spread All Over The Floor? Then You Need This!

If you have more shoes than space, you need this Foldable Shoe Stand. It can hold up to 6 pairs of shoes which save floor space. It has a sturdy frame and non-slip shelves that keep your shoes in place. Foldable Shoe Stand will make your life easier in many ways:

  • Easy To Access: You will save time and energy by not having to search for your shoes in a pile of clutter. You will always know where your shoes are and how to access them quickly.
  • Space-Saving: Foldable shoe racks are designed to be collapsible and compact when not in use. This feature allows you to store the rack easily in a closet, under the bed, or in any small space, making it ideal for those with limited storage areas or living in small apartments.
  • Save Lots Of Floor Space: You will save space by not having to use a large closet or cabinet for your shoes. You will free up more room for other items or activities. You will also make your space look more spacious and tidy.
  • Tidy And Stylish Organization: You will enjoy your space more by adding a touch of style and personality to your decor. You will also be able to display your shoes as a part of your fashion statement.
  • Multipurpose: You will have more options by using the shoe rack for other purposes. You will be able to store other items such as clothes, toys, or accessories on the shelves. You will also be able to move the shoe rack around easily if you need to change its location or function


  • Layers: 4 Layers
  • Weight: 1.2 Kg
  • Colour: As per availability
  • Material: Durable Plastic

Customer Reviews

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Really good for house slippers


Foldable and easy to organize shoes


It's good and stable


Meets expectations very well finished this great


My home is clean and organized all shoes