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Deep Tissue Massager

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Do you want to enjoy a relaxing and professional massage at home?

The Deep Tissue Massager is a corded electric device that features a powerful double speed floating action that provides a deep and soothing massage to your muscles and nerves. The device has a thick sponge rubber cushion that shock proofs your hand and a non-adhesive backing that prevents the device from slipping off your fingers.

  • Effortless Floating Technology: Feel the weightlessness as our massager glides smoothly over your body, mimicking the sensation of a gentle, rhythmic wave. Allow the floating action to dissolve tension, promoting relaxation like never before.
  • Targeted Stress Relief: Precision-engineered to target key muscle groups, our massager delivers targeted relief to areas that need it most. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a world of tranquility as you let go of tension and knots.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Relaxation: Compact and portable, our Deep Tissue Massager is designed for on-the-go relaxation. Whether at home, in the office, or while traveling, take the soothing power of a massage with you wherever you are.

  • Elevate Your Wellness: Invest in your well-being with the Floating Action Massager. Experience the next level of self-care and unlock a world of comfort and relaxation at your fingertips. 


  • Package Contain - Pack of 1
  • Material - Cast-Iron
  • Colour - As per avaiblety
  • Power Source - Corded Electric
  • Required Voltage - 220V-250V