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Car Logo Projector

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Makes your car look really premium when the door is opened

To form your car appealing installing door projector lights are one of the simplest options to mark your presence. A Car Logo Projector is just a flashlight that reflects on the road whenever you open your door.

✔ Super-Strong Projection: Its high-brightness LED chip and projection lens project cool and crispy car logos on the ground when you open the door. How about some neat brightness down the ground?

✔ Auto On/Off: When the projector light gets 2 cm away from the magnet, it will turn on its projection. Saves energy inside and effort outside!

✔ Good Looking and Utility: These logo lights make your car more charming and elegant on one hand and provide safety to avoid accidents when passengers get on and off at night on the other. We believe in Safety as a new Style!

✔ Car With The Warmest Welcome: The hottest car accessory in the market. Door welcome lights project the logo of the car as soon as the door opens. A pleasing and welcoming entryway reflects your identity as a car owner. Let your car greet you!

✔ Hassle-Free Installation: It only takes about 5 minutes to install our logo projection – no wires, no drilling, and no damage.

✔ Premium Quality: We know, you don’t like to compromise when it comes to your car. So we brought you rich quality with super style.

    How to install:

    • The position of the induction area of ​​the projection lamp.
    • Installation position indication diagram.

    • Adjust the position of the lamp first, and then test the sensing distance between the magnet and the lamp body, which can be switched on and off automatically, and then close tightly.

    • After the position of the sensing area of ​​the projection lamp is aligned with the magnet, the lamp will be automatically turned off, and the lamp separated from the magnet will be automatically turned on.


    • Set: Set of 2 for both front doors
    • Voltage: 4.5V
    • Weight: 127g
    • The Lumen of Light Source: 1200LM
    • Operating Voltage: 12V
    • Material: ABS+Silica Gel
    • Product Life: 80000 Hours
    • Product Color: Black
    • Lightsource: Highlight the Beads

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews

    Great addition to have in your car. Completely changes the look of your car.


    Easy to Install. DIY product. * Good & Clear projection


    nice one and good brightness


    Fast shipping, image super clear

    Lucie Weimann

    Unit was faulty but got full refund